I Am... Kelli Thompson

Purpose Inspired Living from my perspective...


I’m on a journey of spiritual growth and self discovery and thought it might be fun to invite you along with me. I’ve been feeling this tug to get a conversation started and felt like this might be the best way to do that.

Sadly, I’ve been thinking about doing this blog for a couple of years, but have been too afraid of what others might say or think about me. That’s the people pleaser in me. I’ve always been one to want people to like me. I’ve always been very sensitive and get my feelings hurt easily, BUT I am shedding that aspect of myself and believe that “coming out of the closet” with who I really am will help me to grow even more so, and I will ultimately experience more joy, health, abundance and peace in life.

That’s what I want for EVERYONE…more joy, health, abundance and peace! I want others to have the fulfillment of discovering their true being and finding their true path in this life. Too many people live in default mode, passively going through life feeling like they’re missing something or feeling like there’s a hole that needs to be filled. 

Don’t settle my friends! Life is short and not something to be taken for granted. We all have infinite potential to be and do whatever our hearts desire. Isn’t that exciting?! No really - take that in for a moment… We are the creators of our own life and everything we experience. The power is within each and every one of us. I believe that with all of my being and would love for you to join me on this journey of awakening together!

Disclaimer: I am not a spiritual guru or expert in ANYTHING in particular. Everything you find here within this blog is based on my personal truth or beliefs derived from what I’ve learned through life experience and study via books, workshops, seminars, audiobooks, home-study programs and so on. I will be sharing resources throughout that have had a significant impact on my journey in hopes that you may find them helpful as well.

**I’m a great listener and sounding board (that’s what I’ve been told anyway). I love giving advice and feedback, however I want to remind you again, I’m not an expert so take it all for whatever it’s worth to ya!