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  • 29th September
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Note to self (and all postpartum moms)

…If you sorta have to pee when you leave for a jog and you’ve been slacking on the pelvic floor exercises, you better turn around and go to the bathroom before you get started, for if you choose to “power through,” you might as well enjoy the warm, steady, dribble down the leg…

TMI…maybe, but I learned the hard way and I’m all about saving a mom or two!

  • 16th September
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  • 10th February
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We TEACH what we most need to LEARN

I was watching OWN one evening. I think it was Oprah’s Lifeclass, but don’t quote me on that. I remember Oprah saying something about how we teach what we most need to learn.

I think Richard Bach was the originator for the quote, "We teach best what we most need to learn."

Regardless, when Oprah said that, it struck a chord in me. It was definitely what she would refer to as an ah-ha moment, because it’s something that I’ve wrestled with quite a bit.

I’ve been wanting to write about what I’m learning in hopes that others would gain something from it as well. Not only that, but I do feel that when you “teach” others, you “learn” better and absorb the information in ways that have a greater impact in your own life. Choosing to share or teach adds an element of accountability too; practice what you preach! That’s another one of my motivations; writing about all of this will help hold me accountable to “walk” the “talk.”

Unfortunately, I’ve held back on all of this for far too long. I’ve caught myself saying, “But who am I to “teach” or share this stuff…I’m not an expert.” I’ve also been told by others many times that I’m “so young” and “people might not be receptive” to me because I “couldn’t possibly have enough life experience to be considered credible.”

I’ve come to realize that I’ve had wrong thinking about all of this and other’s judgments toward me have also been misguided.

It’s time to stop worrying about what other people think. It’s time to stop the negative, self-defeating chatter and follow my heart. It’s time to start listening to the nudges instead of ignoring them, and then becoming antsy because I know that there’s something I’m supposed to be doing. Can you relate to that feeling?

My theory is that I will begin to have more peace and become more comfortable in my own skin if I just push my way through the fears and go for it! I’ll discover more of who I really am. And that’s kind of exciting  when I think about it that way.

Take a look at Ellen DeGeneres, look at how her life has changed since she decided that living her truth was more important than what others had to say about her. I think most will agree that she’s truly thriving since making that commitment to living an authentic life.

And you should too! Go for it that is! If you’re holding back in some area of your life, or if your hiding any aspect of yourself for fear of judgement and criticism, then start by taking small action steps toward “coming out” (not about your sexuality, but any aspect of who you really are). Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to take things at a comfortable pace, but be sure to continue to take small actions until you’re fully expressing your truth or true self.

The other day, a Facebook friend of mine, Lisa Kay, shared a quote that was so brilliant.

"People pleasing is not what you are here to do. You all have something unique that this world needs, and it cannot unfold, nor be shared if you are people pleasing. Stay connected to that quiet loving voice deep within you that keeps reminding you who you really are."

That’s powerful, isn’t it! I just love that. I am going to start making this my new mantra to remind me and encourage me to continue writing and sharing the truths that I’m discovering in life. Now, the question is, will you join me?!

  • 8th February
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  • 6th February
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People pleasing is not what you are here to do. You all have something unique that this world needs, and it cannot unfold, nor be shared if you are people pleasing. Stay connected to that quiet loving voice deep within you that keeps reminding you who you really are…
Lisa Kay
  • 3rd February
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The search for God in any Human life is personal. His own truth is what he perceives and accepts, even if it’s part of a doctrine around things that never happened! What I’m saying is that all Humans are blessed by searching for God in whatever ways they wish. Within their search, God is indeed there and will respond. So there’s no judgement around any organization that tires to find God in its own way with integrity.
From the book The Great Shift. A portion of Kyron’s response to views on organized religion. Thought provoking!
  • 7th January
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We are the creators of our own experience…

Over the holidays, I had a series of traumatic events occur. Three big ones to be exact. I’m in my third trimester of my second pregnancy, so the extra hormones definitely didn’t help me cope. Prior to this period, I was sailing high and feeling good about life, feeling excited about my plans for the holidays and moving into 2012. 

These events threw me for a loop. I became frustrated with myself for not being able to cope as well as I would have hoped. I began questioning my strength, my faith and ability to overcome everything I was facing.

I realized that this was an opportunity to put my faith and newly learned spiritual principles and practices to the test. The results from this decision have been AMAZING my faith and optimism have been restored. I’ll tell more on this story in another post, so stay tuned!

I’ve been Following David Neagle for a few years now and had the opportunity to meet him and hear him speak in February 2010 at Suzanne Evans' “Be the Change Event.” David's “story” is remarkable and has always stuck with me. I got the blog post, which I've included below, via e-mail this morning and thought it was a fantastic message to share. He's absolutely right. I know firsthand! Check it out…


Trauma = Transformation

This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life”comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous. 


Hi David. I know you’ve probably addressed this before, but I need some real help. Just before the holidays I experienced a traumatic and life-changing event. It leveled me. I’m not going to go into details, but let’s just say I will never be the same. My problem is that the after effects have left me sad, depressed, and feeling totally hopeless and afraid. I don’t know if I can move through it or how to even begin. Can you help get me moving in the right direction?


First, let me just say that the key to you moving through this is to seek the truth.

Universal Truth states that we create EVERYTHING in our lives; all the “good” and all the “bad“.

When something happens in our lives that we feel on a deep emotional level, we tend to forget that we are playing a part in that sadness. We’ve created it in our life.

You may not be able to understand why, and it may be incredibly painful, but you created it.

This is a tough pill to swallow for most people. They want to take credit for all the great things in their lives, and then when something bad happens, they want to blame someone or something else.

The Laws don’t work half the time.

Truth is truth, and it is constant and consistent.

If you can step outside of that life changing event for just a moment, and ask yourself, what were the gifts in the experience, you will begin to see what I’m talking about.

When I got sucked through a hydroelectric dam, I could have focused on being a victim, blamed others and became bitter and angry because of all the pain, but the gift in that situation is that it completely changed my life. Had I not gone through that incredibly terrifying and excruciating experience, I wouldn’t be answering this question right now.

So if you can begin to take responsibility for that event, and know you were a willing partner in it, you can then begin to feel how powerful you really are.

You won’t be a victim anymore.

And when you can see the truth, it’ll set you free.

May this painful experience be a true catalyst to help you step into an even better you!

“Just Believe”,® 
David Neagle

P.S: The Neagle Code: DIRECTIONS for LIFE is a weekly no-cost program that is open to everyone! Each week, I’ll select and personally respond to one question received via the above “The Neagle Code” page that I feel in my heart will help the most people. (You may choose to remain anonymous if you wish, with our full support.) It is my deep, heartfelt intention that ~ in answering your questions ~ I may provide you with the Universal Truths that in committed application, will set you free. Simply submit YOUR burning question at: www.TheNeagleCode.com to participate.